Easy Ways to Accelerate IDM for more Faster and Stable

Easy Ways to Accelerate IDM

Before starting the discussion about Easy Ways to Accelerate IDM for more Faster and Stable, I will tell you something about IDM. We know that there are many download tools but IDM is the most popular application. There are millions of computer users who are using IDM crack in their computer or laptop to download files from the Internet. This software is able to accelerate the process of downloading files up to 5 times faster than default browser or other download tools. By using IDM full version, you can download any file from the Internet such as documents, photos, videos, movies, archive files, music and other types forth.

IDM 2016 has the complete feature to allow us to download any files from the Internet. This program integrates directly with all popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera and more. IDM is able to automatically detect video and audio in the play so that you can download directly. It has a one-click feature to download the media file.

What are the Easy Ways to Accelerate IDM:

Actually, by default IDM been able to make the download faster by up to 5 times, but so you can make the IDM become faster and speeding by following a few tricks how to accelerate the IDM that I will share today, there are several ways you can do and IDM apply to you have, are as follows.

# Speed with IDM Optimizer 2016:

How to speed up IDM The first is to use the help of IDM software optimizer program which is smaller and lighter yet able to speed up the process by doing tweak IDM download automatically from the default settings that exist in Internet download manager, please follow the following way.

  • IDM Recent Optimizer
  • Run the IDM Optimizer
  • Click the button optimize IDM
  • Wait until a successful optimization IDM
  • Click OK and finish

IDM optimizer

IDM Optimizer 2016 will change the default settings in IDM and it will make the download process faster.

# Accelerate IDM by changing settings:

The second way to speed up in IDM that you can make changes to the settings default IDM be able to download files faster than usual. This search is able to make faster and more stable IDM.

  • Please open IDM
  • Select a menu option with a picture of two pieces of gear
  • Select the connection and then replace max conn number from 8 to 16, if you have a fast Internet connection you can choose the number 32
  • Checklist on download limit
  • At downloaded no more than 200 to 2000
  • Then save it by clicking OK

Accelerate IDM

By changing the max-conn number 16 means, you give the order for the IDM sending the request. Almost 16 connections or split downloaded files into 16 parts and download them simultaneously. It will certainly make the download process to be faster than using 8 connections only.

# Accelerate IDM with the Registry Editor:

You can also make faster and speed download in IDM by making changes to the registry editor, alter or change the settings in the registry that can be optimized IDM download speed.

  • At first, open run by pressing the Windows logo key + R
  • Type Regedit and click OK
  • Select HKEY_CURRENT_USER => Software => Internet Download Manager => Connection Speed => Double click and choose decimal value and then fill with 999999
  • Click OK

You can try this system to increase more speed on IDM that you have. You can download any file 5 times faster now than the previous time with the same internet connection.

# Accelerate IDM by Proxy:

A proxy is an intermediary network of client requests to another server. The download speed using also depends on the quality of the intermediary proxy. So, please make sure you use a proxy good enough and dependable. After that, download the file in IDM be over speeding.

  • Please go to the provider’s website proxies for free here
  • Search proxy quick to check FAST on speed and connection time then click UPDATE RESULT
  • Select the proxy quickly produced
  • Open IDM and select menu option => Proxy / Socks
  • Check box use proxy and browse to the proxy and port you get earlier
  • Save by clicking OK

Accelerate IDM by Proxy
There are lots free proxy providers that you can use. You need to find the best proxy or IP hide tools that can help you to get the high-speed download when you will get IDM latest version.

By doing these systems that I have discussed in this post, you can get the maximum speed for downloading files when you will use IDM tools.Rather, you know that IDM is unable to speed up your Internet connection. Also, it can able to maximize Internet connection to download process faster. Moreover, it will be a pleasure for us if we can help you any single matter of the internet download manager. Hope you will be here to get the update about IDM and the easy ways to accelerate the internet speed.

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